Dental Lasers 

Laser Hygiene and surgical procedures are now available at out office with the Hoya ConBio dental laser.
See the information below to learn how this therapy helps keep your perio health in top shape.

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The Role of Lasers in Hygiene Patients

Periodontal disease affects approximately 80% of adults causing recession, bleeding gums, bad breath, bone loss around teeth, loss of teeth as well as a chronic increase of infectious bacteria that can lead to other more serious health issues such as heart problems, vascular disease and rheumatoid arthritis. 

We know that Periodontal Disease is a bacterial infection that causes inflammation and bleeding in the pockets around teeth and our dental hygiene goal is to not only remove the build-up of plaque and tartar around the teeth as well as  infected tissue (a normal cleaning), but to also address the underlying infection that caused the disease.  We recommend our patients to have their pockets decontaminated with the laser to treat this underlying cause of infection - BACTERIA!

The Hoya ConBio laser is a low level diode laser (980nm) with a small, flexible fiber optic that converges just at the tip to provide an excellent and comfortable device to get into pockets. The laser delivers light energy locally to the infected site to eradicate the bacteria by rupturing their cell walls.  The specific low level energy laser affects only bacteria and inflammed, infected tissue, removing them and leaving the healthy, decontaminated gum tissue around your teeth.  Laser energy is delivered by light to which there are no contra-indications and to which the bacteria cannot develop resistance to.  The more commonly used anitibacterial treatment with mouthwashes or site specific delivery (Arestin) can be helpful, but are expressive and some bacteria will be resistant to their effects.  Laser treatment can be done easily throughout all the pockets in the mouth and bactreria will not be resistant to it.

To learn more about Laser Assisted dental hygiene, please talk to Dr. McDowell or one of our laser trained hygenists (Terri, Shaila or Affie).