Teeth Whitening

  • Teeth whitening (or bleaching), is a technique used to whiten teeth to their natural shade

  • Bleaching systems all use the same active ingredients in a gel form (carbomide peroxide and/or hydrogen peroxide). The peroxide soaks into the teeth and removes organic stains and debris that have stained the teeth.  Bleaching does not damage the enamel or make teeth artificially white.

  • The only difference between systems is how the gel is applied and what strength it is.  Over the counter teeth whitening systems (eg. Crest Whitestrips) use thin tape holding gel of ~ 6% peroxide.  Professionally made bleaching trays by a dentist provide a more comfortable and accurate application of the gel in a 16-22% concentration.  Laser teeth whitening (Zoom) is an in-office application of 35% gel activated by a laser.
    (See the "Zoom Laser Whitening" page under "Dental Technology")
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