Digital x-rays

  • Digital radiographs are a great asset in dentistry.  Images instantly show up on the monitor for easier diagnosis and relaying of information to patients.  The sensors are twice as sensitive to radiations exposure as traditional film, thus we exposure patients to half as much radiation

  • VisualiX eHD intraoral sensor  (by Gendex)
    * The most comfortable intraoral sensor offers superior diagnostic image quality.The VisualiX eHD (Ergonomics and High Definition) combines advanced digital intraoral sensor technology with outstanding ergonomic shape, making it a system that guarantees diagnostic image quality and maximum patient comfort.Due to its special form and rounded corners, the VisualiX eHD follows the anatomical shape of the oral cavity, simplifying sensor positioning and maximizing patient comfort.

  • Orthoralix 8500 DDE  (by Gendex)
    * Optimized panoramic image quality and reconstruction is made possible through the use of computer controlled motors.

    *  Allows complete imaging of the jaw, TMJ, sinuses and floor of the eye for complete diagnosis.